Enrichment Barton Primary School

Year 5 Sailing Residential

Residential trip to UKSA, which is an Island based sailing and water sports company who specialise in training sailors to professional qualifications. This initiative aims to build water confidence as well as careers aspirations.  It will give the children the opportunity of staying away from home to develop better independence.

It was a good experience to go there.  We got to learn to paddleboard.

I enjoyed learning new things in the water.

The sailing was just crazy.  Our group was sailing, and we put the sails up and it was leaning over because of the wind and we nearly capsized.

We had a sing song as we were going along.  It was good because it helped me to calm down.

I don’t really like the water.  I even stopped my swimming lessons.  I felt brave to try it again and now I feel way more confident in the water.

I feel better in the water now.  I would love to do it again.